An end to Inktober, what's next?

Well, Inktober came and went with only one creation to show. I present Dr Frank-N-Furter, as played by Tim Curry in The Rocky Horror Picture Show!


I'm glad I did something for Inktober and wish I had done more. I do have to admit that it's more than I would have done otherwise. So now what? I have to keep pushing myself ahead.

How about "Use it or Lose it" November. I have a wonderful craft room in the basement that I rarely enter anymore. Slowly I've been pulling stuff out and digging through the mess. Some of my scrapbook materials were misused by mice and had to be thrown away. Now that the weather here has turned cold I've got to be vigilant so the mice don't try to make a home in my craft room again! Alright I'm pumped up! Let's get in there!!!