12 Days of Christmas

Time to spread some Christmas cheer - and rush about to make up for my procrastination! I've decided to celebrate 12 Days of Christmas by anonymously dropping off 12 gifts to 5 houses in my hometown.

The homes I've chosen are one relative, one former neighbor, one shut-in and two strangers. I've been sneaking out to these houses in the dark to deliver small gifts with a "12 Days of Christmas" gift tag. I did not indicate my name or blog in any way on the tag. If you would like to print the tags out yourself you can download them here. I printed them on plain paper and glued them on red card stock. But you could just print them on card stock if you want. 

Hand soaps tagged and ready to be delivered.

Hand soaps tagged and ready to be delivered.

Here's a list of gift ideas if you are interested in doing something similar:

  1. candy canes
  2. gloves
  3. candy bar
  4. Christmas shaped marshmallow peeps
  5. popcorn and a movie rental gift certificate or code
  6. warm socks
  7. hot cocoa
  8. Christmas mug
  9. lottery ticket
  10. small box of animal crackers
  11. gum
  12. pack of Christmas cards and envelopes
  13. can of nuts
  14. soap
  15. scented candle
  16. Christmas pen or pencil
  17. crossword or word search book
  18. Christmas ornament 
  19. box of tissues
  20. hand sanitizer 

I'm not giving any baked goods only packaged store-bought food. I wouldn't eat a random package of food left on my porch by a stranger. ;) I hope you are all filled with Christmas cheer and go out and Speak Love this year!

Loaded the video from day 1: https://youtu.be/R22ou1EU604