Kid's Yarn Art Shapes

Yarn, I have so much yarn! I'm going to let you in on a little secret: [I don't knit] 

About a year and a half ago, I bid on a box lot of yarn thinking I was getting a few skeins that I could use for crafts with the kids. I was surprised to receive a bulk toilet paper box - a size worthy of only the most die-hard preppers - packed FULL of yarn. 

Well, I gave several skeins to a local nursing home but still had plenty left. So when I decided to focus on clearing out the the craft room in November I knew it would be necessary to find worth for this yarn or get rid of it for good. This is the first of the yarn projects I did with the kids: Yarn Art Shapes. As inspired by this project on Happy Hooligans

Instead of using paper plates we used stencils to trace shapes onto cardstock, cut them out, then glued the yarn to our shapes.  This added shape identification and cutting practice for my young kiddos.

They really enjoyed this simple project. Although it doesn't get rid of much yarn...more to come on that. :)